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Dripex Foldable Baby Playpen

Dripex Foldable Baby Playpen

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Why do you need Dripex Baby Playpen?

If you have a small child at home, do you encounter this situation, when you want to do something when they always bring you unexpected damage. Always make you can not do things in peace, and even make you very crazy!
Dripex Baby Playpen is designed to solve this problem, when you want to do something you can put your baby in the Playpen, babies in the Playpen playing with their favorite toys, you can also focus on household chores and other such things, both convenient and safe, and do not have to worry about the baby is not in your line of sight and get hurt!
  • 👍【New 2022 Advanced Version!! 】- Major upgrades - upgraded foldable design make it easy to carry around and less heavy than normal plastic playard, and upgraded double suction design and thickened 300d oxford cloth ensure security and immense comfort! (Note: the product come with 5 extra hand grips for small ones learning to walk and hand on! P.S: No bottom, mat, or balls not included)

  • 💪【 Exclusive Patented Foldable Design】-This is the exclusive patented design of Dripex. This Upgraded foldable playpen makes it easy to carry around and less heavy than a normal plastic playpen. The exclusive patented double suction design keeps it more tight and sturdy. Easy to disassemble and assemble(no extra tools required)

  • 🏆【 Release Your Finger and Thumb Now!】- Are you tired of the hinges and panels coming to lose EVERY DAY? It loosens faster while your kids keep shaking it. Or to lock every panel is easy, but it did take a toll on your finger and thumb? Our Upgraded auto-button once setup, then no need to tighten hinges and each panels every day

  • 🥉【 Visible Mesh & Safety Play-view Enclosure】- The breathable grid allows your baby to interact with the mother outside the pen from multiple sides at any time. See you sitting on the couch they will continue playing and still be able to watch her cartoons, give your baby a sense of security and external double-zippers prevent the baby from accidentally climbing out and falling accidentally being injured

  • 💪【 Pack-N-Play is Little Cages】- The inside of the playpen is basically the size of a full-size bed, 3 babies or 2 adults can be inside. Total dimensions are 71x71x27inches/180x180x70cm, with plenty of room for your child to crawl, stand, play, nap, and do whatever your child wants and your child doesn't feel caged in! And you do not have to watch your child like a hawk! You can lay down, watch tv, talk on the phone, etc... do whatever you need

  • 👍【 Safety Pet-Free Space 】- As your child gets more mobile, this playpen could be a great pet free safe place for your child. This way your baby can crawl and stand without pet hair or getting knocked over. Plus you can keep all your baby's toys in one area away from your pets.


The Best For You and Your Baby

According to the questionnaire, 90% of the buyers said that Dripex Baby Playpen can reduce their worries about their babies by more than 60%. babies love to play in it, they treat the Playpen as their children's playground and we can do our own things without worry. Since I bought the Dripex Baby Playpen, I feel that everyday life has become easier and happier! 

Customer questions & answers

1. Question :  Can I configure this to be smaller?

     Answer  :  Of course you can, just simply remove panels to make the playpen as small as needed.

2. Question :  Where are the order shipped from ?

     Answer  :  We have multiple warehouses in the US. Depending where you are, we will try our best get to your destination within 3-5 days.

3. Question :  Sturdy enough for baby to hang on? My kid is pulling herself up and cruising along furniture. Will this hold her up?

     Answer  :  Yes! My three year old is constantly hanging and climbing on the sides trying to get to his baby sister and her toys ! Which is why we purchased this. It also comes with the little handles for baby to grip onto as well!

4. Question :  What is your warranty policy ?

    Answer  :  One-year warranty policy for all products.

5. Question :  What is your return policy ?

    Answer  :  We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to request a return.

6. Question :  Are the dimensions for foldable model the same as nonfoldable models?

    Answer  :  The size are pretty the same, thefoldable version is indeed foldable and the dimensions are 71"x71"x27".

If you have other questions you can send us an email at

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